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St Stephens Church

St Stephens Church Tower stands very prominently on the shoulder of Lansdown Hill, overlooking Bath.

As part of a major renovation project that saw the tower swathed in scaffolding for 18 months Enlightened Lighting were invited to offer suggestions for alternatives to the existing floodlighting. The brief was to design a scheme that enhanced the architectural detail of the tower, reduced light pollution, saved energy, minimised impact on the fabric of the building and also took into account the difficulties of maintenance access.
The existing lighting lit the base of the tower, leaving the top dark, and quite a lot of the light missed the building altogether.

The scheme we proposed placed the fittings close in, using the building to provide concealment for the lights, this also had the effect of silhouetting some of the more prominent features. The fittings were selected from the Anolis range of LED fittings, a product we have extensive experience of using in our hire stock.    

An important part of the proposal was a demonstration arranged for the Vicar, the architect and the local authority who were funding the scheme. Using hire stock fittings one corner of the tower was lit for an evening to show what the effect could be.
The installation is controlled from the Vicar's office, where a DMX Creator is programmed with the current scheme, and can be updated from the office computer for special occasions, via a graphical interface complete with layout and plan of the tower. The LED power supplies are mounted in the bell chamber inside the tower, where an astronomical timer switches the power relative to sunset and sunrise.
In total 48 Anolis LED fittings have been used and hidden from view. This comprises of;

    16 Arcsource 12’s
    8 ArcSource 12’s with 6 Degree Lenses
    4 ArcLine Optic 36’s
    8 ArcSource Outdoor 18’s
    6 ArcSource Outdoor 3’s
    6 ArcSource 12 InGrounds

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