ArcPad 48 Outdoor

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ArcPad 48 Outdoor

The ArcPad 48 is designed for the generation of rich, saturated colours and colour changing effects in wall-washing, spot lighting, and large alcove lighting in many architectural applications. This unit is a durable and robust fixture with a projected lifespan of minimum 85.000 hours.

The base of the fixture is made from a cast metal and it is built for floor or wall mounting via two holes in the base. The fixture´s head is made up of a radiator (cast aluminium), on which the LED matrix and lenses are fitted.

The head can be moved in relation to the base in ranges: pan +45°/-45°, tilt +60°/-90°.

Day rate : £16.67 Week rate : £25.00

IP Rating: 
Outdoor IP44
Light Source: