Webcasting Solutions

As restrictions on social gatherings become necessary due to the current outbreak of COVID-19 Coronavirus you may be concerned that you may have to cancel your event. Enlightened has a variety of solutions!  

Our technicians have years of experience Live Webcasting events of every conceivable size and type. Whether you have an annual conference, church service, award show, school ceremony or any other type of event, our Technicians are here to help you safely reach your audience wherever they have an internet connection. 

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Need a complete solution...
We’ve got you covered! 

Whether you need a temporary or long term rental solution or need help to make sure you purchase the right equipment for your venue we've got you covered. 


Webcasting Rental Packages

Package Options (per day/weekend, ex VAT):

  • Black Magic Web Presenter only - £50
    • If you’re looking to improve the quality of your live stream, this brilliant piece of kit allows you to turn a SDI and HDMI video source into a USB webcam for high quality streaming on the internet!
  • 1 Camera + Web Presenter - £150
    • Building on the above Web presenter, this package adds a HD Video Camera to your set up.
  • 1 Camera + Video Switcher + Web Presenter - £200
    • Want to include additional content or cameras in your webcast? This package is for you. Adding in a switcher allows you to mix between multiple cameras, or playback content from other sources into your webcast.

Add a wireless microphone to any package for £22

Check out some highlights from our rental stock that might help improve your webcast. Enlightened stocks a range of AV, Sound, and Lighting equipment, including Video Switchers, Signal Distribution, Cameras, Microphones, and Lighting Fixtures. Find the full range of our rental equipment on our website here.

Broadcast to the world…

 Why not take a look at our Black Magic Web Presenter only. This brilliant piece of kit allows you to turn a SDI and HDMI video source into a USB webcam for high quality 720p streaming on the internet!
The included Teranex Mini Smart Panel turns the Blackmagic Web Presenter into a professional, broadcast quality 2 input live production switcher! You can have a presenter on an SDI camera and a slide show on an HDMI computer and switch between them. You can even preview video and monitor audio levels on the built in LCD screen before going live with your web broadcast!
Blackmagic Web Presenter will work with any software that supports video from a webcam. Best of all, you don’t need any drivers!

Pristine Picture…

Are you in need of an upgrade to your existing webcam or phone camera? Check out our Sony HXR-NX5E HD Video Camera.
This high quality camera captures video at HD resolutions up to 1920x1080/25p, adding a professional look to your video.
Recording is possible using the two SD card slots, the NX5 can record up to six hours of HD footage. 
Video output connections include HDMI and SDI, so can be easily paired with our Black Magic Web Presenter (above).
Audio input is via the included microphone or XLR inputs, giving you flexibility.
The optional Manfrotto tripod stand allows you to capture smooth, shake-free, footage.

Hear the Message…

Crucial to your webcast is crystal clear audio, why not add one of our Sennheiser radio mics to your webcasting setup for high quality audio with wireless flexibility.
Options include our Sennheiser Lavalier Radio Mics for a presenter style lapel microphone, alternatively we have headsets or handheld radio microphones.
Adding a radio microphone close to the speaker improves clarity, without adding trailing cables. 
We also have a range of other wireless and wired microphone options to meet your requirements.

Light up your live stream…

Just as important is to think about lighting! We stock a wide range of lighting fixtures that will allow you to be clearly seen over camera.
Our Briteq LED Fresnels give you quick and easy lighting to illuminate your webcast clearly.
The 125W Warm White LED light source gives you controlled natural lighting, at cool temperatures and lower power consumption compared to traditional filament lighting.