Adam Clarke

Stock Control Assistant

Andrew Bartlett

General Manager

Andrew Johnson

Warehouse Technician

Andy Skirrow

Special Projects

Andy Thompson

Production Manager

Becky Daley

Technical Solutions Manager


Ball Dispatch Courier (Fridays Only)

Chris Drake

Driver & Warehouse Technician

Christine Bushell

Sales Coordinator

Dan Coatman

Repairs Manager

Dan Dodd

Deputy Warehouse Manager

Dave Thorpe

Head of Production

David Fielder

Content Manager

David Goldberg

Financial Controller

David Johnson

Hire Manager

Edith Hermann

Stock & Asset Manager

Ian Rothwell

Technical Sales

Jamie Williams

Warehouse Technician

Jason King

Sales Coordinator

Jenny Davey

Installations Coordinator

Joao-Paul (JP) Cavaco

Sales & Business Development

Joe D'Souza


Matt Shelbourn

Hire Coordinator

Nick Yeates

Heads of Installation

Oscar Davis

Installation Electrician

Pete Loft

Warehouse Manager

Shannon Asher

Warehouse Technician

Simon Marcus

Managing Director

Stu Wilson

Driver & Warehouse Technician

Will Bailey

Placement Year